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Conversations from the lab

Just wrapping up some files and realised I hadn’t shared these interviews with two brilliant scientists that you fellow lighting geeks might find interesting – especially if you’re about to spend some time with elderly relatives…

The first is with Assistant Professor Stuart Peirson of Oxford University. He’s a specialist

in sleep and the ageing brain and gives a clear explanation of how the homeostatic and circadian drives work together to create – or disrupt the sleep-wake cycle, particularly as we get older. As he points out, there is an inherent trade-off between the need to be able to see in the evening and the need to let the brain switch off. So are blue blocking glasses the answer? well… have a read here…

The second is with Dr Belal Abboushi of Pacific NorthWest Laboratories over in the States. Belal explains how lighting affects performance in the workplace – from artificial lighting to outside views – and the importance of light changing through the course of the day for visual comfort and attention – read or listen here.

Of course hoping you’re reading this from a sofa somewhere with a fine view of a cup of tea and a plate of warm mince pies. Which is where I’m heading shortly!

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