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E is for Environment

This week is all about the ‘E’ in ESG.

This article from ESG Today talks about the gap between senior executive’s concerns about the environment (79% think we’re at a tipping point) and the measures they’re taking to actually ‘move the needle’ – only 46% are requiring suppliers and business partners to meet sustainability criteria. That could be seen as an opportunity – or a problem – for the lighting sector –

Deloitte C-Suite Survey: Execs More Concerned on Climate, But Meaningful Action Still Lagging

The Green Light Alliance offers an incredible online ‘library’ covering every aspect of the issue –

A Circular Information Hub Documents & Resources

Including TM66 – Creating a circular economy in the lighting industry now available

Lighting Europe has a rather technical but useful summary of the Ecodesign directive here – 

Guidelines for Ecodesign and Energy Labelling rules

and, for the true geeks who aren’t afraid of a bit of maths, here is a note about LENI – Lighting Energy Numeric Indicator – Lighting energy numeric indicator LENI

It’s can seem as though the need to cut our carbon footprint is in direct conflict with our growing understanding of the need for more light, especially as we age – this experiment in a museum in Barcelona is a useful reminder that intelligent design can let us have our cake and eat it – they zoned the lights to signal different kinds of information using different colour temperatures and were able cut the overall illumination by up to 30%. 

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