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Environmental, Social, and Governance


Doing well by doing good… EY’s Amy Brachio points out that organisations that deliver on ambitious ESG targets attract the best people – and are credible with their clients too – Watch here.

Would you prefer to set the pace or pick up the pieces? Arup’s Florence Lam CEng FIET FCIBSE FSLL is a passionate advocate for innovation – and her success is proof that it makes sense to lead from the front.

Can you have your cake and eat it? Penny Goodall Quraishi of the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) points to a growing number of leading organisations who are successfully balancing the need to meet social, environmental and governance goals through innovation – Watch here.

Can you put a value on social capital? Head of Sustainability at Morgan Sindall, Graham Edgell is confident you can – and must do so to stand a chance of shifting the debate from short term cost to long term value in a sector that runs on 2% margins and tight deadlines. He is starting to win those arguments in the boardroom too.

Value engineering with a difference… John Bullock believes that value engineering means valuing the lighting. And sometimes that means that the client is not spending enough to do the job properly – Watch here.

The fact that chickens evolved from dinosaurs and not running away from them mean that they never had to evolve night vision… this and nine other pieces of trivia about chicken vision could help to keep the kids entertained for a while in the Easter bank holiday traffic jam… – 10 Interesting Facts about Chicken Vision

This research found that it was harder to distinguish between the colours of different kinds of chocolate mousse when they were seen in blue light – Novel approach in sensory color masking: Effects of colored environments

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