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Environmental, Social, and Governance

I hope some of you are enjoying time outside – just a weekend is enough! this report explains that just one weekend camping will deliver over 13 times the amount of natural light that most of us receive even if you go camping in the winter – and is enough to reset your body clock. Just a weekend away delivers 69% of the benefit of a full week away! – Circadian Entrainment to the Natural Light-Dark Cycle across Seasons and the Weekend

Or perhaps you’ve taken the time to read a book… this research showed that people who read a book or a newspaper after 6pm fell asleep 30 minutes earlier – and slept better too… – Effect of Light Emitted by Smartphones at Bedtime on Circadian Rhythm and Sleep: Is It Different between Day Worker and Shift Worker?

This article explains how NASA is using light to help those astronauts get a good nights’ sleep too… – Space Station Shut-Eye: New LED Lights May Help Astronauts (and You) Sleep Better

On a more serious note, I’d love to invite you to be part of the debate I’m hosting with an amazing line-up to talk about the power of environmental, social and governance reporting as a driver for the long-overdue shift from cost to value in the lighting sector. Click here to register.

Here is a note from the London Stock Exchange explaining how investors value ESG performance – The importance of ESG Reporting Guidance explained

One of our panelists, Morgan Sindall’s Graham Edgell will talk about how biodiversity is a powerful driver for change – and makes good business sense…

Read more background and practical solutions here.

Florence Lam will explain what that shift means for the lighting industry… 

Carbon credits are here to stay as this article points out, Voluntary Carbon Markets broke the $1 billion mark in 2021… – Voluntary Carbon Markets Rocket in 2021, On Track to Break $1B for First Time

And Penny Goodall-Quraishi of the IWBI will discuss the business case for valuing health and well-being. – Watch here.

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