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Light, ESG and your appetite…

On a train to London to polish up the student exhibits, focus the lights and upload the presentations for the International Day of Light and International Year of Glass Celebrations at Science Gallery, London on Monday 16th of May. It looks set to be a brilliant day – even the weather forecast is on our side!

I’ve invited my heroes and heroines from science, glass and light to speak – including the brilliant Mark Major, Director at Speirs Major, and multi-award-winning theatre designer Paule Constable… We’ll be building a glass sculpture from a mobile glass furnace with lights provided by our friends at Phos. And we’ll finish up with a glass or two – it’s completely free too! please join us – Guiding Lights at the Science Gallery London

 If you can’t join us in London, there will probably be an event closer to you 😉 – The International Day of Light (IDL) is celebrated annually on the 16th of May. This year’s celebration will focus on the ‘International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development 2022′ and other United Nations’ events aligning with the objectives of IDL.

Many of you enjoyed the brilliant discussion at the Drivers for Change event a couple of weeks ago about Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting. The recording and transcript are now online – follow this link to watch the video and download the transcript.

Some of the highlights include IWBI’s Penny Goodall-Quraishi quoting Larry Fink from Black Rock to point out that organisations that embrace ambitious Environmental, Social and Governance targets as an opportunity to improve and innovate will ultimately succeed.

“Companies where ESG issues are handled well often signal an operational excellence…”

Morgan Sindall’s Graham Edgell explained just how confusing and challenging ESG can be for contractors. ‘Anyone who says ‘You’ll save yourself money.’ Trust me, you, don’t . What you do is that you become a different business’… Listen to Graham explaining how he is using the environmental, social and governance framework to improve business performance, from the bottom up… Watch it here.

And on a lighter note… here are a couple of studies about how lighting can trick your taste buds… – The influence of illuminance level on perception and willingness to buy during the tasting of sweetened natural yoghurt

The enhancement of appetite through the use of colored light in case of a cake

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