The power of light to change your world for good

Helping your patients to heal?

Most of us will begin and end our lives in hospital. It’s a massive market. And can make the world of difference.

There were 1.5 million admissions to NHS hospitals In England between July and September last year (source). And over 418,000 people live in care homes in the UK (source)

Almost 1,7 million people were working full time in NHS Hospital and Community and in July 2020 and over 212,000 people were working in residential care, a further 25,000 in residential care for learning disabilities, mental health and substance abuse. (source)

The hospital lighting market is set to reach $ 7.03 billion by 2021 in the USA alone. (source)

The quality of that lighting can transform outcomes for patients- from premature babies to elderly people living with dementia – and for the remarkable people who take care of them.

A brief video along with interviews with two healthcare providers who have invested in lighting and are seeing thre difference – and some facts you might enjoy are below,

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