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Built to Perform… but to perform what?

‘What gets measured gets managed’ has become a truism – although Peter Druker never said it – and didn’t believe it either – but that’s another story – this article is an interesting read – The fallacy of “what gets measured gets managed”

The question was top of my mind wandering the echoing halls of CIBSE’s Build2Perform event this week. Several great presentations about the circular economy and individual components – heat pumps and lights – but vanishingly few integrated solutions – unless you count the MEP software that generates a standard grid to meet minimum standards for heating and lighting on the same plan.

Since the discovery of the non-visual effects of light, the sector has been wrestling with the problem of what to measure and how. This article is a wonderfully clear overview, pointing to the failings of current frameworks and offering some practical suggestions for designers, manufacturers and specifiers – Correlated color temperature is not a suitable proxy for the biological potency of light

As we move into the holiday season, Friday nights in my local pub are jammed with office parties. This article articles point out that getting to bed late on Friday makes it even harder to get up on Monday morning. Once in a while is great – but over time, this can have pretty devastating long-term effects – Science Reveals People Who Spend Friday Night at Home Have an Advantage Over Rest of Us
Social Jetlag and Related Risks for Human Health: A Timely Review

Perhaps it’s worth talking to your colleagues about how best to celebrate – perhaps start the weekend on Friday lunchtime and head home at the usual time – or choose an option that doesn’t involve drinking the bar dry – a growing number of people are choosing to cut down or skip the booze altogether – around three-quarters according to this article. – Three quarters of adults plan to cut out or consume less booze That way you can have your (Christmas) cake and eat it.

And a bit of trivia – this year marks 140 years since Edison and friends plugged in the first Electric Christmas lights


History of Christmas Lights

Who invented electric Christmas lights?

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