The power of light to change your world for good
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Good lighting can do so much… for your health, vision and your taste buds, too!

Take Ten…

In the run-up to Christmas it can be hard to find time to take a breather – and just ten minutes outside may be enough to cut your stress levels Minimum Time Dose in Nature to Positively Impact the Mental Health of College-Aged Students, and How to Measure It: A Scoping Review

If you can get some gentle exercise – walking round the block for example – that could boost your mood too – Influence of External Natural Environment Including Sunshine Exposure on Public Mental Health: A Systematic Review

If you can’t get outside, just watching a 15-minute video of a natural landscape compared to an urban one will help you to get back to work. Effect of Viewing Video Representation of the Urban Environment and Forest Environment on Mood and Level of Procrastination

The shortest day of the year? think again!

The 21st of December may be the official winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. But the earliest sunset was actually a couple of days ago, on the 19th. This article explains why.  And this one has some beautiful graphics! Soaking up the Sun: Visualizing the Changing Patterns of Daylight in One Year
Save the date – 7 March 2023
Excited to invite you to an event that I’m hosting to bring together an incredible team of scientists and elder care providers from around the world to talk about circadian lighting in the real world. Register here.

And some trivia for your Christmas stocking…

Robins have magnetic vision –  This apparently ordinary little bird that we celebrate on Christmas cards has a hidden super-power –  a light-activated magnetic compass in the right eye that allows it to navigate with the accuracy of a compass needle. Is it a bird? Yes, but did you know robins have super power vision?


Red light makes wine taste better… One vineyard has been using coloured lighting in the tasting to shift the flavours – and the price point – of their products. We perceive more berry notes in red light, spice in green and acidity in blue. Interestingly under red lighting, participants were prepared to pay 1 Euro more per bottle than under green or whiteHow light influences the taste of wine , AMBIENT LIGHTING MODIFIES THE FLAVOR OF WINE

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