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Built to Perform… but to perform what?

So many weighed into the debate last week about how to measure biological response. Kevin Houser and Tony Esposito’s brilliant work are a great place to start – Correlated color temperature is not a suitable proxy for the biological potency of light and discussion – Correspondence: Designing and specifying light for melatonin suppression, non-visual responses and integrative lighting solutions – establishing a proper bright day, dim night metrology

The LRT’s recent edition includes an alternative approach to lighting design objectives Extending the lighting design objectives procedure for holistic lighting solutions and a useful discussion of the tension between standards and practice – Indoor lighting standards and their role in lighting practice.

With all this debate about the detail, it’s easy to forget that most hospitals, schools and offices are still living in the ‘dark ages’ when it comes to the lighting as anyone who has spent time in an emergency ward will know. Florence Lam, speaking at a recent SLL debate – SLL Agile Lighting Research panel debate points to the need for a shared platform so that the principles become practice, Florence Lam audiogram

The Renovate Europe initiative to reduce the energy consumption of the building stock by 80% by 2050 could be a great opportunity to do just that. Renovate Europe Lighting Europe is on a mission to make sure that renovation includes the lights. This paper is an excellent summary of what good quality lighting means. – Renovation Wave: revision of EPBD and EED

And for those of us shopping for Christmas online, this article is an interesting read.

Women and men and professionals and novices search for information in an online photo in very different ways. Everyone checks the laces first. But women then look for subtle intrinsic details across the whole image, while men tend to be more selective. An image of someone touching the product will increase your sense of having experienced it first hand… Factors Affecting Human Visual Behavior and Preference for Sneakers: An Eye-Tracking Study. Another reason to shop locally 😉

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