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Old dogs new tricks – Designing for our future selves

Designing for our future selves

For anyone passionate about inclusive design, this show at the Design Museum in London from 24th February and events on 9th and 21st March will be well worth a visit. While you’re there, please a minute to step into the capsule that I created with the team at Speirs Major, the Design Age Institute at the Royal College of Art and Clarion Futures. We hope you will feel the wonder of the 24-hour circadian cycle as the light shifts around you over the course of two minutes 40 seconds. This installation is part of a wider collaboration where we’re looking at how light and lighting can contribute to a healthier and happier environment for older Housing Association tenants. Designing for our Future Selves

Joined-up thinking?

Daylight and electric lighting systems in most buildings are completely separate – and are rarely connected to other essential building services such as ventilation and security. This is a huge lost opportunity to deliver comfortable, inclusive and sustainable buildings. This brilliant review explains the problem and suggests practical solutions.  Achieving Integrated Daylighting and Electric Lighting Systems: Current State of the Art and Needed Research

Integration and intelligent controls are particularly important in schools for students with special educational needs. So I am very much looking forward to being part of this event at the Science Gallery London hosted by the Education Estates team. The sessions will be available as CPD modules on the Education Estates website – will share the link as soon as it’s ready.

National unplugging day on Friday!

What it says on the tin – unplug for a day. See what happens if you switch off your email and have a conversation with your colleague instead. Boycott the self-service check-out and make eye contact with the person behind the till. Cook a meal, read a book, write a postcard to a friend. Unplugging today just might help you to feel more connected. – National Day of Unplugging

Looking for a restaurant for your Valentine’s date?

How about dining in the dark! This fascinating article reviews research by the great gastronome Charles Spence where guests are served in complete darkness with surprising results. Without your sense of sight, your experience of touch, taste and smell are more intense. In one test, vanilla tasted like chocolate and it was impossible to tell whether the wine was white or red. Switching off the lights will make for a memorable evening – but you may have no idea what was on the menu!  Dining in the dark

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