The power of light to change your world for good

Rebecca Weir & Iain Johnson

About Rebecca Weir

Light.iQ’s Creative Director Rebecca Weir is renowned for creatively pushing the boundaries of architectural lighting. With a focus on exceptional customer service, her loyal client base benefits from her in-depth knowledge of the lighting market. Rebecca’s experienced team ensures seamlessly integrated solutions and advanced technology are utilised to deliver outstanding results across multi-award winning residential and commercial projects.

Working on a broad range of luxury lifestyle projects, including shopping centres in China, high-end retail, hotels in London, Paris and Mexico, as well as Restaurants and Private Members Clubs worldwide, our experience, alongside our passion for architecture and design brings technical lighting to life. Our mission as lighting designers, through creativity and communication with our clients is to create the ultimate customer experience bringing the ultimate, intangible resource of light to life.

About Iain Johnson

Iain Johnson, CEO of Rigby&Rigby which is part of the Allect International Design Group, has been a pivotal part the growth of the firm since its inception, dynamically executing the vision of a truly integrated design and delivery studio with full-service capabilities. A champion of the studio’s expansion, he has helped it to become a leading multi-award-winning name in ultra-prime delivery. Accredited in every division, the firm’s extensive expertise extends across development management, architecture, interior design, construction delivery and private client services, to create the most exceptional properties in the world.

​Creatively Iain’s passion lays in driving innovation through research-based methodology, influencing the architectural and interior design studios to be more experimental and to maximise the client experience and enrich the user journey. The product being perfectly resolved residences, with a style defined as understated refined luxury, delivered with a service that is second to none.

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