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Dr Shelley James


I am passionate about the value of interdisciplinary collaboration and have led public engagement projects for over 30 years, starting with my work as a consultant for global brands including Visa International and Sony Ericsson. I now work with selected sponsors to build strategic partnerships between manufacturers and regulators, scientists and students, media partners, end-users and members of the public.

Recent projects include hosting the Drivers for Change panel debates, curating the International Day of Light Celebrations  and global social media campaigns:- the Luna campaign that reached over 2.5 million teens, and the Luna Pro campaign that connected with over 10,000 professionals and counting. I also curate a weekly newsletter round up of the latest science papers and light-related discoveries that have caught my eye.

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Innovators in Healthcare event recordings

Recent projects and interviews below

Full video: Innovators in Residential Healthcare: Circadian Lighting Principles & Practice

Professor Russell Foster – Professor of Circadian Neuroscience, Chair Department of Ophthalmology, Oxford University

Professor Shadab Rahman – Associate Neuroscientist, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Professor Elizabeth Flo-Groeneboom – Department of Clinical Psychology, Bergen University

Professor Stuart Peirson – Professor of Circadian Neuroscience, Oxford University

Jo Cheshire Director of Marketing and Communications, WCS Care Warwickshire, UK

Kirsten Sørensen Gosvig – Care Center Manager, Hillerod, Denmark

Michelle Borreson – Gunderson Health System

Helen LoomePresident Elect, SLL


An ongoing series of online panel debates with leading voices from across the value chain for lighting to pose the question: what are the current drivers for decision makers? Could the potential for lighting to improve environmental, social and governance performance hold the key to driving the changes we all want to see?

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A social media campaign for teens that has reached 2.5 million young people around the world to raise awareness of the impact of light on health and wellbeing.

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A social media campaign and series of lectures and trade magazine articles that have reached over 15,000 professionals to raise awareness the business case for healthy lighting.

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Interviews with scientists, manufacturers and business leaders about how lighting affects the brain and body – and how it can improve performance for people, for planet and for profit.

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I write a round-up of the latest scientific articles and lightrelated trivia every week. Read past editions here. And sign up to receive your copy here.

I am also invited to appear on podcasts and occasionally host a series myself.

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