The power of light to change your world for good
Dr Shelley James


I help you to cut through the jargon and hype around ‘human-centred’ lighting. I provide impartial, evidence-based advice so you can choose the most practical, cost-effective and sustainable solution for your unique situation.

That can be an elderly care home or a school for students with special needs, a townhouse with small windows or product innovation in the health and well-being space. Support can range from a video call and recommendations to team workshops, or a detailed audit with site visits. written reports and post-occupancy evaluation. A selection of services packages are below.

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Service Packages

Audit Package

Audit and recommendations for domestic or small-scale developments. This service includes an initial briefing call, a video ‘walk through’ (in person by arrangement), a follow-up call to review recommendations, a one-page written summary with links.

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Innovation package

This package works brilliantly for product development and innovation, or for projects where you want to bring a wider team into the process so that they understand the issues, can contribute their expertise and feel confident to implement solutions themselves. The budget includes an initial briefing meeting, a team workshop for up to 12 people. a follow up debrief meeting, a written report and evaluation.

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Specification package

This service is designed for corporate clients preparing tenders or prospectus for larger-scale developments and refurbishments. The budget covers up to three team and client briefing meetings, site visits and literature review to highlight specific issues and opportunities to serve the needs of the building occupants and the wider urban environment, It includes introductions to scientists and specialist consultants and input to the strategic direction of the project for up to four months

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