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Hi! I'm Dr Shelley James, the Light Lady

I am a globally sought-after TEDx and Wellbeing Keynote Speaker. I’m also an elected WELL Light Advisory and Faculty Member. I work with successful businesses to identify strategic changes to light and lighting in the workplace to transform performance, health and well-being.

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Keynote Topics

Here are two popular topics. But every event is unique your delegates deserve a tailor-made experience. So get in touch to let me know how we can elevate your event to deliver brilliant results!
Making light work: Hack your body clock to boost sleep and performance

Poor sleep costs the average employer up to $5,000 in extra healthcare costs per employee and takes a silent toll on productivity, and physical and mental health.
​In this interactive session, your delegates will explore how light drives the body clock, sleep, mood, stress and recovery. Identify your unique personal blueprint to optimise your daily schedule for focus, collaboration, and creativity. Understand how simple changes to your diet of light can unlock hidden reserves of energy and resilience.
Discover everyday hacks to improve team engagement and foster an inclusive high-performance culture. 
Delegates will:

  • Uncover their unique sleep-wake profile and the gene-environment connection, including food, temperature, and exercise.
  • Leverage their profile to optimise their schedule for enhanced sleep, focus, collaboration and creativity.
  • Master light-based strategies to hack their body clock to perform effectively in a global team.
  • Examine how their body clock evolves to empower them to thrive through hormone shifts including pregnancy and menopause.
  • Implement affordable, sustainable changes in the office and at home to support a healthy body clock, promoting optimal physical and mental health.
Light your path to productivity: Optimise your workspace lighting.

Professionals expect an adjustable chair, desk and monitor at work. But most don’t give the lights a second thought. And yet lighting is linked to over half of all neck and back pain risk, one of the biggest causes of sick days in the UK. Lighting can shift the mood at the touch of a button.
Delegates will identify personal preferences and adjustments to optimize light levels, reduce glare, and enhance comfort. Discover simple strategies to shift mood, boost motivation and project the right image during video calls. Calculate your return on investment in reduced absenteeism and a healthier, more productive place to work.
Delegates will:

  • Identify their visual profiles and implications for brightness and contrast for enhanced speed, accuracy, and prevention of dry eye syndrome.
  • Master desk positioning, screen and task lighting parameters to minimize glare, reduce headaches and eye strain.
  • Harness the power of cool, warm, or coloured lighting to boost focus, creativity, and collaboration
  • Determine the optimal balance of complexity and calm for a stimulating yet stress-free work environment.
  • Explore effective lighting strategies for video calls, projecting a calm and professional image in virtual interactions.

“We have loved working with Shelley: we value especially her rigour and generous-spirited creativity. She literally sheds light on the subject of human thriving and wellbeing – people go away from her sessions with a host of new illuminating insights.”

Tracy Camilleri
Co-founder Thompson Harrison,
Associate Fellow at Oxford University Said Business School (OSBS)

“Working with Dr. Shelley James was a great experience. While she has the knowledge of a researcher, she has the time management skills of a business person. Always professional, courteous, knowledgeable–and on time!”

Randy Reid
The Edison Report

“Shelley advanced the role of lighting in a compelling way — touching on wellbeing and productivity, and how light can improve sleep, resolve conflict, reduce back pain and support shift work.”

Jeremy Myerson
WorkTech Academy

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