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Kerb Appeal

Kerb Appeal

As the evenings draw in, we’re spending more time with the lights switched on.

So I thought you might enjoy some articles about indoor lighting. The first is about how the principles of biophilic design including lighting in playrooms can help kids with ADHD.

Obviously, light doesn’t exist without colour, so you might enjoy this piece about colour combinations and perceived luxury – although one glaring omission is any mention of the lighting… work to be done there!

have a read here…

And listen to this conversation between high-end property developer Iain Johnson of Rigby and Rigby and Creative Director of Light.IQRebecca Weir. They’re putting the finishing touches to the first-ever WELL certified home in the UK.

Iain puts his business success – including 68% client retention, record-breaking 10% premium price per square foot and track record of zero revisits for reprogramming – down to his work with specialists like Rebecca – and all for an average of 2-2.5% of the total build cost over a ‘bog standard’ lighting solution.

Don’t spend too long looking at those photos of luxury homes though because it will make you feel miserable, however lovely your own little castle may be – this article explains why.

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