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Professor Steven Lockley

Neuroscientist and Professor of Medicine, Bringham’s and Women’s Hospital & University of Surrey

Sleep and Circadian Neuro Science Institute

Stuart Peirson

Associate Professor and Deputy Director, Sir Jules Thorn Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institution (SCNi)

Pacific Northwest

Dr Belal Abboushi

Senior Associate Lighting Research Engineer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Brigham Young University

Professor Garrett Cardon

clinically trained audiologist (AuD) with a PhD in cognitive neuroscience, Department of Communication Disorders & Neuroscience at Brigham Young University

University of Bristol

Dr Denize Atan

Consultant Neuro-Ophthalmologist, University of Bristol

Centre Nationale de Reserche Scientifique

Professor David Hicks

Neurobiologist and Vision Scientist, Department of Neurobiology of Rhythms in Centre Nationale de Reserche Scientifique

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