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Interview with Lawrence Harrison, Director of Light Planet

About Lawrence Harrison

Lawrence started his career in construction 13 years ago. He worked in cable for Prysmian Cables for six years, and then moved into lighting. He worked for a leading LED lighting manufacturer for four years, the role was project based with a lot of specification and contractor management. It became clear that even though one manufacturer can be very good at the parts of lighting that they do, it’s almost impossible for any one company to excel in all areas of product and project, ranging from architectural all the way through to industrial, educational and health.

​So Lawrence set up a LED lighting project specialist to bring together products from a range of manufacturers and offer them to end-user, distributor, the contractor, or the consultant.

​Clients include education bodies, health partnerships, commercial premises, industrial premises, public bodies and county councils. They have different product and application needs. But what tends to be bad about the existing lighting is relatively universal across the board: highly inefficient lighting in all those areas, fittings that have deteriorated beyond their useful life. Lawrence aims to offer improved lighting quality, massively improved efficiencies, and long warranties, regardless of sector.

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