The power of light to change your world for good

About Jason

Jason, known to many simply as J, has been passionate about lighting for more than two decades. Trained initially as an electronics technician in the armed forces, J went on to spend almost two decades in lighting installations for everyone from famous footballers and TV stars, through to Nobel prize winners and royalty. These high net worth clients have taken him all over the world, including Mustique and the Balearics.

“I spent twenty years honing skills and sculpting businesses, inducing enormous stress and financial complexities, yet somehow I kept gravitating back to invention. I love exploring new ideas, solving problems and finding better ways of doing things and RAY has been a real passion project.”

​“So, here we are in 2020, the year of the pandemic. It’s a stark reminder that nature holds the true power. Coincidentally, for better or worse, this is the year that all I have learned and what I have believed in, fiercely, is coming to fruition. We at RAY are bringing organic, natural sunlight indoors and shifting our priorities towards looking after our brains and, in turn, our bodies. We want to combat the synthetic and enable people to thrive in their home and work environments.”

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